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Animal tales for kids

Entertaining stories and creative task about animal

by A.Lopatina and M.Skrebtsova


Funny animals
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Colouring book for children
'Animal Tales'

FUNNY ANIMALS: introduction


Funny tales, games, and creative tasks about animals develop in children feelings and imagination. Tell children why one needs to be clever, kind, responsible, and brave.

Funny stories tell children not only about animals, but also about their behaviour, and they encourage them to laugh at their mistakes. These stories and games let children know that there is a solution to any kind of problem; that nothing in life is black and white, or completely bad or good.

Coloring pages also help children develop many important skills. These skills, such as eye-hand coordination, color concepts, and picture comprehension, form the foundation for early learning success!

The authors would be pleased to receive any comments you may have.



  1. True mother > read story >
  2. Who can block the sun? > read story >
  3. Why did the hare and the squirrel quarrel?
  4. The little frog
  5. The bull who tried to jump
  6. When you want something done properly
  7. How the hedgehog got rid of the bear
  8. Why did the mouse not get married?
  9. Who is more beautiful?
  10. The Boastful Rooster
  11. Who looks like a tiger?
  12. Why the Oak Tree Didn't Grow
  13. The Two deers
  14. Kind Words
  15. The first flight.


Fragment from the book for kids'ANIMAL TALES'

From children story Animal Tales for kidsrue mother

Little blind poppy - colouring stories for kids online

A little blind puppy was abandoned at the side of the road. A cat who had kittens of her own in a box brought the puppy to her children and started to feed him milk.


Her new son grew bigger than his mummy in no time at all, but he continued to obey her.


"You must lick your fur clean every morning," the cat taught the puppy, and the little dog carefully licked himself with his tongue.


One day, a huge dog came into the garden where the animals lived. It sniffed the puppy and announced in a pleasant voice:

"Hello, little puppy. You and I are the same breed."


Colouring pictures for kids from story on animalsSuddenly, the dog caught sight of the cat and darted towards her with a fierce



The cat leapt over the fence and yowled in response.


"Come on, pup - let's chase that cat out of here," the dog said.


But the puppy snarled back, "You get out of our garden yourself. And don't touch my mummy."


"Ha ha! A cat can't be a dog's mummy. Your mummy must be a collie, like me," the huge dog laughed, and he ran off.


The puppy thought for a while, and then his mummy interrupted him with a gentle purr, "A mummy is someone who feeds you," and suddenly, it all became clear.



Questions on the story for kidsQuestions on the story Animal Tales

  • Why did the cat become the kitten's mother?
  • Will the puppy look after the cat when he grows up?
  • The children get into pairs and are given small pictures or figures of various animals. They must take it in turns to talk about how the animals play with each other.



Colouring picture sun and bear


Book for kids Who can block the sunho can block the sun?

Who blocked the sun? Fairy tale for children with color in pagesA bear gave birth to a little cub, and they lived together in a mountain cave. When the bear cub grew up, his mother took him to a clearing in the woods. The cub caught sight of the bright sun, blue sky and green trees for the first time. He jumped in fright and hid behind his mother.

Mum, I'm scared! Enormous beasts are waving their huge paws, and something yellow is blinding me from up above.

Silly billy! Those are the pine trees waving their branches. They're harmless. And that's the sun up there in the sky. It provides us with warmth and light, mummy bear chuckled.

Soon the bear cub stopped being afraid, and he spent the day chasing butterflies and breathing in the scent of the sweet flowers. Mummy bear taught him to hunt under the tree roots for beetles and ants. In the evening, the sun sunk down behind the mountain.

Mountain, please don't take the sun! the little bear begged.

I'm taller than everything else, and I'll take the sun away for ever, came the mountain's thunderous reply.

Mum, the mountain's hidden the sun, and it's gone all dark, the bear cub sobbed.

Even the highest mountain can't put out the sun , mummy explained.

Night came, and the bear put her son to sleep in the cave. But the cub slept badly, terrified of never seeing the sun again.

In the morning, mummy bear took her son for a walk.

Bear cub - colour in fairy tale for kids online

Good morning, sun! the bear cub exclaimed in delight. Mummy was telling the truth: Even the highest mountain can't put out the sun!"

The mountain said nothing in response.


Question on tale story for kidsQuestions to accompany the story 'Who can block the sun?'

  • Why do you think the mountain tricked the bear cub?
  • Why did the bear believe the mountain?
  • Colour in a picture of the sun smiling.
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