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All about fruits: entertaining book on fruits with stories and recipes.
Secrets and tips, stories and recipes


CREATIVE WAY on HOW to introduce Healthy Food to children:

30 stories, tasks and creative games about fruits. Each story is delivered in an entertaining fairy-tale representational form and tells about a particular fruit, its importance in daily diet, its values and concludes with a healthy recipe.
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Selected Fragments from the Stories on HEALTHY FOOD FOR KIDS :

Fragment from the story

Fruit council: read more...“Maybe we can tell people about the benefit of growing fruit?” suggested the banana fairy with a wave of her golden curls. “People are always looking to get some kind of benefit out of everything. From a square metre of earth fruits and nuts yield far more good than any other product.”

“Really?” asked the grape fairy, concern in her voice as her dress shimmered gold and green, red and purple in the sunlight. “You can grow many more of the beets and cane from which sugar is made on a piece of land than you can fruit. Thousands of times more than grapes, for example.”

“People are always so anxious to get more that they forget about what they are eating, and that is why they get sick so often, and what is more, they don't know what to do about it,” observed the pale orange apricot fairy...


Fragment from the story
The Cherry Bride"

Cherry bride: read moreCherry grew and grew until she was more then five metres high, and by the end of summer her branches were so thick with berries that you could hardly see the dark-green dress beneath them. People came from all around to ask her mother for help.

One day it was the servant of Antonio.
“Please, if you could help my master. He is tortured by fever and thirst. His face and legs have all swollen up, and this morning blood came from his nose.”

With a rustle of leaves Cherry stretched out a branch covered with juicy berries.
“Tell your master to eat these. And chop some leaves up very fine and put them in his nose.”

Sure enough, the cherry leaves stopped the nosebleeds, and the fruit soothed his terrible thirst. For a whole month ...


Fragment from the story
"The Apple-Tree Princess"

...The apple diet worked wonders for the ministers, too. The years fell away and they leapt about with new-found ease, gleeful smiles on their faces. Soon everyone was well.

Every day there was an apple council, and Pomella would share another secret of her favourite fruit with the maids-in-waiting: “Boil apples in milk, then mash them and use the mix as a face cream. Rinse your hair every day with a tea made from apple leaves. A paste of apple and butter will get rid of sores, especially on the lips. And if you feel like you're getting a cold, a cup of apple blossom tea every hour will soon clear it up.”

The maids-in-waiting wrote down Pomella's every word, and as soon as the council was over rushed off to follow her advice. The king shook his head in amazement and hugged his daughter.

“From this day forward,” he decreed, “the apple tree is the sacred symbol of...

Fragment from the story on grapes "The GRAPE Lesson"

...Time flew by as the young man studied the secrets of the vineyard. Most of all he was fascinated by the branches, which split at the end into two winding curls that reached out in search of support, and when they found a grip, slowly wound their way along its length.

The old vinesman was happy to share his knowledge: “Grapes are happiest on a rocky hillside. You need lime in the soil, though, and sulphur. And remember: if you don't cut back your vines the grapes will be sour because the roots can't feed them all.”

There were white grapes and yellow ones, dark blue ones and others that were nearly black, and red grapes that glowed with rich purple highlights. When autumn came the vineyard was transformed into a a magical, multi-coloured carpet spread over hill and valley. The young man's heart jumped for joy: “Surely Pomella will love me after this!” he thought. One day he came across some tiny, black seedless grapes – “ Corinth , they're called”, the old man said. When picked and dried in the sun, they turned into raisins. ...


Fragment from the story on PEARS
"A Pear for Penny"

After her mum died, every day was the same for Penny. It was busy, busy, busy: her little brothers and sisters always seemed to be needing something or other. When her dad got sick, too, poor Penny felt like the last ray of sunlight had winked out. Shivering and scared, she made her way on a chilly April day to the place her mother was buried.

Tears came without asking. “Oh, mama, what can I do?” she sobbed. “Dad's got a cough and fever and I don't know how to help...”

Feeling a touch on her arm, Penny rubbed her eyes and looked up. On the spot of earth where her tears had fallen stood a young tree. It had round, leathery leaves and little white flowers, and the stubby branches reached out as if to comfort her. Not sure if she was dreaming, Penny gently squeezed a twig. There was a sharp prick, and she pulled back her hand.

Somewhere in her head a voice said softly, “Wait.” ...


Fragment from the story on PLUMS
"The Plum Brothers"

...The little plum orchard grew, and in the autumn provided the brothers with their generous gift of fruit. Gradually, the young boys grew into fine young men, and the local people began to call them the Plum Brothers. The fruits of their garden became a source of food and medication for everyone.

As the number of patients in the village decreased, the local doctor became increasingly angry. He wrote a letter to the king, complaining about the ...
...“You should have some of these fruits yourself, Your Majesty,” stated the royal doctor. “They also contain vitamin P, which strengthens the blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure quicker than regular medicine.”

After the scientists had given their report, the king was handed a selection of plums on a golden tray. After trying them, he made a solemn decree:
“I order all unused land in my kingdom to be turned into plum orchards. I appoint the Plum Brothers as my official ....


Fragment from the story
"The Apricots and the Clever Starling"

...“Medicine won't help, but my apricots will! Our rulers can't get enough iodine and iron, but apricots are simply storerooms of such things.”

“I know, I know,” the doctor interrupted him. “Instead of talking drivel, why not load my cart with your apricots.”

The old man turned out to be right. The apricot diet restored the health of the rulers. The physician received a medal. But this was not enough for him. In order to gain total control of the peasant's orchard, he ordered his servants to throw him into the dungeon. But for the little starling, it would have gone very badly for the peasant. They decided to starve him to death, but the peasant's loyal friend carried apricots to his master every day and told him the latest news.

The tender hands of the princess developed eczema, and she could not go out walking without gloves. The royal physician not only did not cure her, he could not do anything to help. The stupid man did not know that the answer was under his very nose as amigdalin cures skin diseases, and it is found only in apricot seeds.

The next day the peasant handed the starling a shred of cloth wrapped around some ground-up apricot seeds and whispered ...


Fragment from the story on CITRUS
"The Citrus Kingdom. Vitamin C"

“We dare to tell the world that we are lemons, the most healthful of all the citruses. Thanks to us our King Citrus the Great is always healthy and lively. Lemon juice kills not only flu viruses but the causes of the most terrible diseases: dysentery, typhus, and cholera. I hope you noticed that every day the king eats a whole lemon, and he always eats it with zest. That's something you cannot deny! He softens tap water with our juice and cleans his teeth with it to make them whiter.”

“You've bragged quite enough, brother lemon,” interrupted the golden orange.

“We oranges were not born yesterday either. The king eats us more than he eats you – three to four oranges a day, and the princess eats more than that....

“That's enough quarrelling,” a ringing voice suddenly interrupted the disputants.

The fruits looked around in amazement, but they could not discover who spoke these words.

“Don't search for me, you won't find me anyway. I am Vitamin C, and I am speaking from both of you. My dears, you belong to the one great family of citruses, which is proud of its vitamin C.”

“Even us?” asked the modest tangerines, which never joined in the quarrel.

“Of course, you too, honoured tangerines. Even if you are not very heavy, you match the other citrus fruits in vitamins. And from your peel one can make useful drinks, jam, candied fruit, and even toilet water.”


Fragment from the story on BANANAS "The Banana Lunch"

...“I have never seen a grass which grows so tall before,” replied the boy, an air of curiosity in his voice. “Are these large yellow clusters your seeds?”

“They are not seeds, but berries containing a sweet, fleshy pulp,” explained the banana trees.

“You should eat one,” added the eagle, offering the boy a large banana.

“I feel as if I have eaten an entire meal!” exclaimed the boy after eating the yellow delicacy.

“Our bananas contain large quantities of sugar, starch and protein,” continued the trees. “They are a quick source of energy and strength.”

“Where did you come from, young man?” came a voice from behind the boy. A group of people had come to the grove to collect bananas. The boy described his long journey to them, and asked their permission to take some of the bananas to plant at home.

“Take some to eat,” replied the people generously, “but planting them will be no use. Their seeds have not yet developed. Come with us, and we will provide you with some banana seeds...


Fragment from the story on FIGS
"The First Fruit of the Earth"

...Once, in a deep cave, a fire burned. The people of the tribe were not successful in their hunting, and many were starving. The worst effected were the elderly and children. In one corner, on a bed of straw, an old woman lay, coughing heavily. ...

The girl rushed out of the cave.
“Heaven above, please save my grandmother,” she pleaded.

The girl prayed so fervently, that her request was heard by the fig fairy who lived in the celestial paradise garden. She came down to Earth to speak to the young girl.

“Follow me,” ordered the fairy.

The girl ran after the fairy, who led her into a nearby forest. After locating a fig tree, the fairy quickly filled the girl's basket with figs.

“From the beginning of time, I have been growing fig trees on Earth. Their sweet fruits contain every nutrient required for a healthy diet, as well as having medicinal properties, but people have only ever used their leaves. These fruits will save you and your grandmother,” explained the fairy. Then, as quickly as ...


Miraculous Pineapple:
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Feijoa and the Gifts of the Sea- read Feijoa story for kids on healthy food

The Bitter Sharon Fruit
Pomegranate and the Wise Man
The Pot and the Peach Pit
Quince Jam
The Melon of Happines
The Watermelon's Journey
The Symbol of New Zealand
The Vitamin Sweets

  • Toast with Cherries
  • Cherry Balls
  • Quick Baked Apples
  • Apples in a “Shawl”
  • Apples with Cottage Cheese and Lem
  • Vitamin Salad
  • Apple Ointment
  • Freshness Salad
  • Cottage Cheese with Grapes
  • Pear Pastries
  • Pear in Currant Puree
  • Sugared Plums
  • Plum Loaf
  • Dried Fruit Balls
  • Fruit Souffle made of Peaches, Apricots and Bananas
  • Citrus Marmalade
  • Orange Face Masks
  • Honey Orange
  • Stuffed Lemons
  • ‘Winter's Kiss' Salad
  • Bananas Icicles
  • Baked Bananas
  • Cough medicine
  • Fig Bread
  • Pineapple and Nut Salad
  • Cheese Cake with Pineapples and Apples
  • Beetroot and guava salad
  • Guava and nut compote
  • Orange Salad
  • Sharon Fruit and Banana Caviar
  • ‘Traffic Light' Salad
  • Pear and Pomegranate Dessert
  • Pear and Pomegranate Dessert
  • ‘Pomegranate Bracelet' Salad
  • Fruit Soup
  • Cheese Souffle with Peaches
  • Quince Marmalade
  • Spicy Salad
  • Fresh Quince with Sugar
  • Melon Nectar
  • Melon Sweets
  • Watermelon Salad
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Exotic Salad
  • Kiwi Salad with Pomegranate Seeds
  • Magic Sweets
  • Date Dessert
  • ‘Happy' Compote


"The World of Fruits":
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The Fruit Fairies' Council



  • The Cherry Bride (entertaining story)
  • The Miracle Orchard (entertaining story)
  • Toast with Cherries (healthy recipe)
  • Cherry Balls (healthy recipe)



  • The Apple-Tree Princess (entertaining story)
  • The Wild Apple Tree (entertaining story)
  • Apples and Roses (entertaining story)
  • Quick Baked Apples (healthy recipe)
  • Apples in a “Shawl” (healthy recipe)
  • Apples with Cottage Cheese and Lemon (healthy recipe)
  • Vitamin Salad (healthy recipe)
  • Apple Ointment (healthy recipe)



  • The Amazing Grapevines (entertaining story)
  • The Lesson (entertaining story)
  • A Dangerous Potion (entertaining story)
  • Freshness Salad (healthy recipe)
  • Cottage Cheese with Grapes (healthy recipe)



  • A Pear for Penny (entertaining story)
  • The Wise Pear (entertaining story)
  • Pear pastries (healthy recipe)
  • Pear in currant puree (healthy recipe)
  • Sugared pears (healthy recipe)
  • Pears with mountain cranberries (healthy recipe)



  • The Plum Brothers (entertaining story)
  • Sugared plums (healthy recipe)
  • Plum loaf (healthy recipe)



  • The Vitamin Piggy Bank (entertaining story)
  • The Apricots and The Clever Starling (entertaining story)
  • Dried fruit balls (healthy recipe)
  • Fruit souffle made of peaches, apricots, and bananas (healthy recipe)



  • Bitter and Sweet Oranges (entertaining story)
  • The Citrus Kingdom (entertaining story)
  • Vitamin C (entertaining story)
  • The Wonderful Grapefruit (entertaining story)
  • Citrus marmalade (healthy recipe)
  • Orange face masks (healthy recipe)
  • Honey orange (healthy recipe)
  • Stuffed lemons (healthy recipe)



  • The Banana Lunch (entertaining story)
  • “Winter's kiss” salad (healthy recipe)
  • Banana icicles (healthy recipe)
  • Baked bananas (healthy recipe)



  • The First Fruit of The Earth (entertaining story)
  • Cough medicine (healthy recipe)
  • Fig bread (healthy recipe)





  • Feijoa and the Gifts of the Sea - read story for kids
  • Beetroot and guava salad (healthy recipe)
  • Guava and nut compote (healthy recipe)



  • The Bitter Sharon Fruit (entertaining story)
  • Orange salad (healthy recipe)
  • Sharon fruit and banana caviar (healthy recipe)



  • Pomegranate and the Wise Man (entertaining story)
  • “Traffic light” salad (healthy recipe)
  • Pear and pomegranate dessert (healthy recipe)
  • “Pomegranate bracelet” salad (healthy recipe)



  • The Pot and the Peach Pit (entertaining story)
  • Fruit soup (healthy recipe)
  • Cheese souffle with peaches (healthy recipe)



  • Story: Quince Jam (entertaining story)
  • Quince marmalade (healthy recipe)
  • Spicy salad (healthy recipe)
  • Fresh quince with sugar (healthy recipe)



  • The Melon of Happiness (entertaining story)
  • Melon nectar (healthy recipe)
  • Melon sweets (healthy recipe)



  • The Watermelon's Journey (entertaining story)
  • Watermelon salad (healthy recipe)
  • Watermelon juice (healthy recipe)



  • The Symbol of New Zealand (entertaining story)
  • Exotic salad (healthy recipe)
  • Kiwi salad with pomegranate seeds (healthy recipe)



  • The Vitamin Sweets (entertaining story)
  • Magic sweets (healthy recipe)
  • Date dessert (healthy recipe)
  • ‘Happy' compote (healthy recipe)


The Fruit Kingdom The Vegetable Kingdom





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