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Secrets of skills. Stories on professions


Secrets of skill
(Stories, fairy tales and parables about trades and masters)



  • Teaches about importance and responsibility in choosing profession

  • In easy fairy form tells about different professions and
    skilful masters thus developing interest to trades;

  • Improve knowledge and skills.



Lesson 1. The main trades

  • The creative task "Different trades"
  • The fairy of Skill (by E. Lopatin)
  • Play "Holiday of Masters"
  • Game "Advice of the Fairy of Skill"
  • The creative task "Gifts of Trades"
  • Written work "The Hymn to Ttrade"
  • Drawing "The Portrait of a Master"
  • Compose a fairy tale "The Flower of happiness"

Lesson 2. School of Diligence

  • When the earth becomes gold (a Chinese fairy tale)
  • The creative task "Most hardworking"
  • Play "Work for others"
  • Compose a fairy tale "Who helped people?"
  • Drawing "The Tree of family trades"

Lesson 3. A secret of Skill

  • Blind master (by K. Negrutsi)
  • Compose a fairy tale "Laziness and Diligence"
  • Written work "The Main tool"
  • Drawing "Our achievements"
  • Game "Necessary objects"

Lesson 4. The Archeologist

  • Uniform language (by E. Lopatin )
  • Written work "The Ancient alphabet"

Lesson 5. Historical opening

  • The creative task “The Important research"
  • Play "Dispute of scientists"
  • Game "The Fairy of Language"
  • Written work "The Historical Epoch"

Lesson 6. The librarian

  • The creative task "Guess the book"
  • Living books (by A. Lopatina)
  • Drawing "Happy books"

Lesson 7. A life of books

  • Game "The attentive careful librarian "
  • Play "Two books"
  • The creative task "Let us take care of books"
  • Written work "The Books' Letter"

Lesson 8. The plumber

  • Game "Words about Water"
  • The fairy of Water (M. Skrebtsova)
  • Drawing "The Waterpipe of the Future"

Lesson 9. Water and a Waterpipe

  • Written work "The Hymn to the Fairy of Water"
  • Compose a story "The Fairy of Water"
  • Play "Let's improve a waterpipe"

Lesson 10. The Potter

  • The creative task "Mysterious Clay"
  • Singing pot (by E. Lopatin )
  • Drawing "Pottery"

Lesson 11. The Pottery

  • Game "The Magic pot"
  • Compose a fairy tale "Gift of a voice"
  • Written work "Kitchen Utensils for family"

Lesson 12. The yard keeper (Cleaner)

  • The creative task "The Good Cleaner"
  • Cleaner Matvey (by A. Lopatina)
  • Compose a fairy tale "Mysterious Objects"

Lesson 13. Our courtyard

  • The creative task "Let's help the cleaner"
  • Written work "Cleaning Machines"
  • Drawing " Whose Courtyard is Better"

Lesson 14. The builder

  • The creative task "The Portrait of the builder"
  • White rose (by E. Lopatin)
  • Drawing "The Temple Outside and Inside"

Lesson 15. We are Builders

  • Game "We build a wall"
  • Written work "We Decorate a Holy Place"
  • The creative task "What has changed?"
  • Play "The Architect and the Worker"

Lesson 16. The ticket inspector*

  • The creative task “A Good Ticket Inspector"
  • The ticket inspector and the tram (A. Lopatina)
  • Game "The Careful Ticket Inspector"
  • Written work "Working day of a ticket inspector"
  • Compose a fairy tale "The Friend of a tram"

Lesson 17. The driver and passengers

  • Drawing “Colourful tram”
  • Written task "The kind tram"
  • Play "The life in the life of a tram"

Lesson 18. The doctor

  • The creative task "Rulers-Vitamins"
  • Herbal doctor (by L. Skrebtsova)
  • Compose a fairy tale "Healing Herbs"
  • The creative task "Herbal laws"
  • Written work "The Healthy Salad"

Lesson 19. Medicinal Herbs

  • Game "Doctor Lui"
  • Drawing “The Bouquet of healing herbs"
  • Play " Who heals the person?"

Lesson 20. Policeman

  • The creative task "The good policeman"
  • Kind policeman (by A. Lopatina)
  • Game "The Wise and Clever Policeman"
  • Compose a story "Qualities of a policeman"

Lesson 21. The help of police

  • The creative task "The Chief of a police"
  • Play "The policeman at his work"
  • Written work "The Hymn to a policeman"

Lesson 22. The musician

  • Game "The Fairy of music"
  • Magic Violin (by A. Lopatina)
  • Game "The attentive music conductor" (conductors lead instrumental music groups, such as symphony orchestras, dance bands, show bands, and various popular ensembles group of musicians)
  • Written work "Musical evening"

Lesson 23. Musical instruments

  • Compose a fairy tale "Heart of a Violin"
  • The creative task "The Birth of a Violin"
  • Figure "The World of a Violin"

Lesson 24. The hairdresser

  • The creative task "The Story of the hairdresser "
  • Extraordinary hairdresser (L. Skrebtsova)
  • Game "Quality of the hairdresser"
  • The creative task "Whose hairstyle is this?"
  • Play " In a hairdressing salon"

Lesson 25. A beautiful hairstyle

  • Written work "My hairstyle"
  • Drawing "The World of a hairstyle"
  • We compose a fairy tale "Hairstyles of the past"

Lesson 26. Baker

  • Game "Guess a product"
  • Pie of a king (an English fairy tale)
  • Drawing "A mysterious pies"
  • Written work "The Hymn to bread"

Lesson 27. Magic recipes

  • The creative task "Guess the recipe"
  • We compose a fairy tale "The Pie of wisdom"
  • Game "Wise baker"
  • Play “Let's bake a pie"

Lesson 28. The writer

  • The creative task "The Portrait of a Writer"
  • The fairy tale (by L. Daskalova)
  • Drawing "The Forest 's Inhabitants"
  • The creative task "The Role of the writer"
  • Written work "The Hymn to a fairy tale"

Lesson 29. A literary genre

  • Compose a fairy tale "An artistic image"
  • The creative task "The Literary genre"

Lesson 30. The cook

  • The creative task "Guess a dish"
  • Toni cook (L. Skrebtsova)
  • Drawing "The Orange Pie"
  • Game "The Wise Cook"
  • Written work "Different cooks"

Lesson 31. Let's learn how to cook

  • Game "We learn to cook "
  • Compose a story "What food gives us?"
  • Game "What kind of vegetable is this?"
  • The creative task "We make up our own menu "
  • Drawing "The Fairy of culinary art"

Lesson 32. The Tailor

  • Game "Who is more important?"
  • Fairy tale “A golden needle” (by A. Lopatina)
  • Game "The Best tailor"
  • Play "The Tailor and the Customer "
  • Written work "Thanks to tailors"


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* Ticket inspectors in public transport carry out random spotchecks around the clock. They enter the bus or tram on a random stop and check all passengers' tickets. A passenger without a valid ticket can be charged a fine of the valid fare multiplied by ...

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