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sounds and music: children's  stories on music
Educational stories on music and musicians. How to teach to appreciate music? How to develop in children love for music and art?



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The book on music for teachers, educators and parents.
A unique approach how to introduce music to the children
in an easy creative interesting way.






It is so silent in the music shop at night. The important black grand piano is fast asleep. The booming drums and the sonorous plates are sleeping. Even the new violin in its velvet case is also in a deep sleep. Only the old flute is not sleeping. Once the owner of the music shop forgot to close a window for the night. A curious asterisk (?) happened to fly into the shop through the open window and decided to hide in this old flute. Since then at night the old flute sings star music trying to make it sound soft, almost inaudible, so as not to awake the other musical instruments. While in the afternoon the flute, certainly, keeps silent, and nobody knows that the old flute has received a star voice.

Every morning the boy who cleans that shop wipes the dust carefully. When he touched the old flute, it emitted a soft charming sound. And the boy began to dream about buying this wonderful flute.

- Ting! - tinkled the handbell by the door, and an old man entered the shop.

- Welcome, welcome, we are glad to see you. How can we help you? What would you like? – said the owner of shop, smiling happily, noticing that the new customer was richly dressed.

- Nothing as yet, I just want to have a look around, - answered the old man chilly.

Since then the rich old man began to come to the shop every day. Since his childhood he had been dreaming to be able to play the flute, but instead he had worked as director of a factory he inherited from his father all his life. The man thought that at his age it was too late to study music; however, every day his feet led him to the music shop – as if something were pulling him there irresistibly again and again.

Once the owner of shop was away, and the rich man asked the cleaner boy:

- Can you play the flute?

- No, sir. I only can play on a wooden pipe, which is the only instrument I have. Would you like me to play for you? – offered the boy, and having received an encouraging gesture, began to play.

The pipe played a cheerful air, and the old flute echoed it softly.

- Perfect! Now try to play on this flute, - asked the old man.

The boy brought the old flute to his lips, and sparkling iridescent music flowed out, as if the stars above began to ring out and laugh all at once. The rich man was amazed and charmed by the stunning music. But the boy was just as surprised as the customer.

- It is not me, - he whispered, - the flute plays by itself, it is some kind of magic.

The old man could not resist any longer – he bought this old flute on the spot, paying three times the price, and the same evening he went to the music teacher. To his surprise the old man met there the boy from the music shop who was begging:

- Please, respected teacher, please, give me at least one lesson, and next week I shall bring you another ten pennies.

- Ten copper pennies is not enough for one lesson, dear boy, - answered the music teacher softly. - I have already explained to you that my daughter is ill, and I need money for the doctor urgently.

- Sir, I'll give you ten gold coins if you teach me to play on this flute, - the rich old man broke in.

- Come in, please, - the teacher bowed to the rich man. - I agree to teach you if you pay in advance. And you, dear friend, - he added, turning to the boy, - come later when my daughter has recovered, and when you have collected more pennies.

Having received ten gold coins, the teacher tried very hard. He even cancelled all the other lessons and devoted whole days to this old man. The first lesson passed, the second..., the tenth, but nothing happened, no result. Where was that magic melody? All that the rich man could play on the flute was only several false notes.

He practised for hours, but all in vain. Once at night for a very long time (?) he tried to play the simplest melody, but finally went to sleep, very upset at his failure. Suddenly he heard that iridescent music coming from nowhere – the same amazing music he had heard in the shop. The rich man sat up on the bed and saw a beautiful woman in a dark blue dress decorated with many shining stars. She was playing on his flute .

- Who are you? - whispered the old man, bewitched by this unearthly music.

The dark blue eyes of the woman looked at the rich man strictly, and the iridescent voice rang out:

- I am the Fairy of Music. Only a person with a kind heart can play on this magic flute.

The rich man jumped from his bed, but at that moment the vision disappeared. The old man sat up all night long thinking of the Fairy's words. And in the morning he headed towards the music shop.

- Please come with me, - he said to the boy, - you should be studying instead of wiping dust. You are a talented musician. I will take care of everything you may need and I will pay for your classes.

The rich man sent the boy to one of the best music school in the town, and then went to the music teacher.

- Excuse me, teacher, - he said, - I made you give me lessons though I knew that your daughter was very ill. From now on let us stop our lessons until she recovers.

And please accept this money for her treatment.

“Now my flute will play nicely,” thought the rich man, coming back home. How great was his disappointment when he heard nothing but false notes again.

•  Why? Why? …. Exclaimed the old man.

•  And… at the next moment somebody knocked on his door. Who can it be? – thought the old man in irritation. To his surprise he saw the boy from the shop.

•  Sir, I have composed a song especially for you. Can I play it now on my old wooden pipe? – said the boy, shining like a full moon in his excitement and gratitude.

The rich man held out his flute to the boy: “Surely, but you'd better play on this flute.”

The boy brought the old flute to lips, just like that time in the shop, and again it was as if all stars began to laugh in the sky - sparkling, iridescent music poured forth, filling the old man's house with magic sounds.

When the music ceased, the rich man said:

- Dear boy, take this flute. You are its proper owner.

- No, no, sir. I cannot take such a precious gift, - whispered the boy.

- Then let us make a change. You will give me your pipe, and I will give you this flute, - offered the rich man and placed the flute into the boy's hand.

The happy boy left, walking on air.

Late at night, before going to sleep, the rich man picked up the wooden pipe from the sofa, brought it to his lips and … charming music began to flow out.

“Amazing” – thought the old man. “Amazing the way kindness can change the world.”




Why the flute lost the star voice in hands of the rich person?

Is there any connection between person's character and the way how he plays on a musical instrument? Does the play depends on person's character?

How do you think, will the boy from this story become a talented famous musician?

Listen to flute music for a few minutes. After that try to draw this music.

Than sounding of a flute differs from sounding other musical instruments?

What do you think, what will happened to the rich person after that accident? Try to make up continuation of this fairy tale.

Imagine, that small asterisks have hidden in different musical instruments. How the tools with asterisks inside will differ from other musical instruments?

On what musical instrument you wish to learn to play?


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