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Talking Fruits for kids, healthy recipes

Fruit Fun Stories, Fun Songs & Nursery Rhymes

from children book World of Fruits


Banish unhealthy snacks! Your child is crying out to sample the amazing wonders of fruit and vegetables! Why not read these incredible series of easy-to-read entertaining stories & rhymes, where your child can learn about:

Talking APPLE: listen online - click on animated picture above


‘- Apple Tree Princess' introduces her court to the wonders of apples (bed-time story: learn and play);
German version Apple-Princess: Eine Geschichte fur Kinder uber Apfel: Die Apfelbaumprinzessin

- Juicy ‘Wise Pears' helps Penny to cure father's cold;

- Pomegranate' makes hearts strong and healthy;

Kings from Citrus Kingdom share their healthy secrets;

- Dozens of stories about fruits with healthy recipes for kids, colour in pictures, nursery rhymes, games & easy healthy snacks for kids;

- Colouring fruit pages, fruit creative tasks, games for kids.


Fruits for kids: stories and nursery rhymes onlineFruits for kids. Present situation

Sadly, in today's society, the appearance of overweight, unhealthy and hyperactive children is all too common! In a world that is full of cakes, burgers, sweets and fizzy drinks, it is not surprising that we are luring our children into a terrible lifestyle and digging them early graves.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could wave a magic wand and introduce them to apples, cherries, apricots and even the more exotic fruits like kiwis, pomegranates and guava? How about also carrots, radishes, garlic or lentils?

Well, thanks to Lopatina and Skrebtsova, the authors of over 80 children books, that magic wand has been given to us! Do embrace it while you can by reading your child these stories about wonderful healing properties of fruits, with colouring pages, talking heroes-fruits themselves, creative games & amazing fruit nursery rhymes!

Read FRUIT STORY: Citrus Kingdom >> Interactional Fruit Scene 'Citrus Kingdom' >>



Fruits for kids: educational tales, easy healthy snack for kids in FUNNY FRUITS.
Funny pear for children
Talking Fruits is a new learning product which combines playful music and videos to teach kids about the importance of consuming fruits and maintaining the healthier lifestyle. Here kids will be invited to know about the benefits of Apples, Pears, Pomegranate, and various other healthy fruits, all of it wrapped into such nice and exciting short stories with cute animations along the way. There also various fruit nursery rhymes, they can sing together and some games to play, with still focusing on the fruit world and healthy living.

Another important point what Talking Fruits trying to offer us is that kids can also find simple healthy fruit recipes of how to make good serving on these fruits along with also recipes to cure series' health problems with these fruits. This can be a good opportunity for a parent to get their kids knowing more about fruits and to invite them making their own serving with recipes included in the book. This would be an exciting experience for them though especially to get familiar with fruits. And yes, by understanding the great benefits of each fruit has, this will ease children in accepting fruits as advantageous food and to eat them without any refusal like before. Easy healthy snacks: play & cook! Read e-book online: Fruit for kids. Download this book from kids healthy series in iTunes.

Read fruit story about Apple Princess:
'Apple-Tree Princess'
Apple Tree Princess: fairy tale
Bed-time story about fruit: 'Watermelon's Journey'
Healthy snack and fruits: Fairytale fruit wondertale: Watermelon journey: read online
Hundreds of ideas for easy healthy snacks
'World of Fruits' >>


What our readers say about Healthy Recipes from
'The World of the Fruits'

Kiwi: stories about kiwi, recipes kiwi“… These recipes are great. They are bursting with vitamins, free of colourings and flavourings and can really give your child the energy and “get up and go” that they need to get through a busy school day.

“…Try these recipes and see your children's eyes sparkle, their hair shine and their skin look as fresh as a daisy…”

"...My children and I had a go at making one of the apple recipes after I found these stories on the Internet. We didn't look back. Now, every evening, we have a go at making one of the amazing recipes that are located at the end of each story. They are great – wonderfully healthy and scrumptious!!..."



We know that these healthy food stories work –
we have the evidence!!

Testimonial about educational kids healthy food seriesSchools and parents are taking food much more seriously and think more about health and diet than they ever did before. It will be a delight to be able to use your ideas in our project.
Brenda Keogh, Millgate House Publishing and Consultancy UK Ltd, England

Fruits for kids: testimonials

I have a young daughter who my wife and I do our best with when it comes to making healthy food choices for her. There are a lot of unhealthy choices out there and even more bad influences teaching our children poor nutritional habits. There aren't enough positive resources available to help parents educate their children about how to make healthy food choices and why they should! To find a book like this one feels like a MIRACLE! This book brilliantly introduces fruits in fairy-tale like stories that holds my daughters attention the entire time (mine too!) And at the same time the author is giving my child an education on healthy eating through these entertaining stories, games and recipes. A highly recommended resource that every parent should have for raising children in today's unhealthy society.
Tim Tierney Author, "The Personal Training Sales Education Textbook".

Fruits for kids: testimonials

About this work, one of our reviewers wrote the following: "It is masterful, meaningful, most original, as well as absolutely delightful."
Tom Viator, Badi Publishing Corporation, USA.

Fruits for kids: testimonials

“…Your child will thank you for these stories. What greater gift could you possibly give your child than to prolong their lives with foods that are wonderfully rich in vitamins and minerals?...”
(Hanlie, tour agent, South Africa)

Fruits for kids: testimonials

No way! I never thought I would get my daughter to like fruit or vegetables. How wrong could I be?? After we obtained The World of Vegetables my daughter frequently picks up the books herself and starts to read stories about the properties of wholegrains, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Now, she even asks me what properties are in the foods that I give her!! Bravo to the authors!
(Ann, nurse, Netherlands)

Fruits for kids: testimonials

...It was clear that something had to be done about our kids' diets. I mean, when was the last time you saw a child eating a carrot or actually wanting to eat salad? All too often, the lure of bright packaging on unhealthy foods tempts our kids into bad habits... I speak from experience. Having a son who only knows the qualities of meat and sweets and a husband who is too easily lured by bbq and ice-cream, I know of the despair that many parents face.
(Liailia, designer, Spain).

Fruits for kids: testimonials

fruit for family“…. I was at a complete loss trying to find a way to encourage my kids to learn about healthy eating, not to mention getting them to give up sweets and chocolate! Then, to my delight, one day when I was looking on the Internet, I came across these incredible stories! The World of Fruit and The World of Vegetables were exactly what I was looking for! The brilliant, colourful illustrations and the tales that are not boring or technical, but fantastic and fun really help to make your children aware of the food that they are eating and its benefits. I will never be worried about my kids being unhealthy again…..” (Natasha, mother of two kids)

Fruits for kids: testimonials

Hello! I am writing to you from Tallinn, Estonia. I find it hard to express how much I appreciate your books. They are kind, magical, lively, touching stories about life. Both adults and children love them.

I am a professional dietician who decided to use informative stories about healthy lifestyles (healthy food choices) in my lessons with kindergarten and grade-school children. I realized it was pointless to try to frighten the children or lecture them about the effects of highly processed or refined foods. It's better to show them what they should be doing, rather than what they shouldn't or what's bad for them! I prefer to demonstrate the magic and power of nature, the power of fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains. I'm fairly young and haven't been working long (I'm 26), but I already understand that you don't get anywhere with boring lectures about healthy lifestyles. Children already know that a healthy lifestyle is good! But if they keep eating potato chips and desserts and drinking sugary beverages until they're 40 or 45, the damage will have already been done.

Testimonial from professional dieticianThe only way to get a real response is to weave in magical stories, where the children can imagine themselves as the heroes of the tale and the masters of the situation (by saving the kingdom from disease with the help of magical apples :-))) plus offering easy, yummy recipes using fruits and vegetables!!! The children go home and start to crave fruits and vegetables on their own, and their attitudes begin to change. This can even rub off on their parents, when the children show how they learned to cook in kindergarten/school). It's easy for children to retain information about the magical, healing properties of apples and other fruits/berries/vegetables when this is taught using magical stories because children love fairy tales so much. After all, it turns out that not only do apple trees grow in the garden, their fruit cured the king and queen!

Thank you so much! Your stories work wonders on children and adults!!! I'm so happy that I don't have to stand there like a pompous nag and waste my time and effort giving boring, longwinded lectures! Instead I can just turn myself into a fairy from the kingdom of fruit and take the children along with me to an enchanted world of fairy tales, full of marvelous adventures! We must save the fruit orchard and we're going to heal all the story characters (and our moms and dads as well) with apples, pears, and plums :-))) !!!

Ann, dietician, Estonia.

Fruits for kids: testimonials

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Unique approach to healthy food for kids

Book for kids fruits for kids: World of FruitsHow to stay healthy? Make sure we get enough vitamins. We all know that. How can we get children to eat what's good for them? The answer to that one isn't so hard either: teach them to love fruits, berries and vegetables – the best source of vitamins. But there's no point in telling a child, “Eat this, it's good for you!” We need a special language – the language of stories. The “Storyteller's Guide to Health” series presents the healthful and healing gifts of nature in captivating and warm-hearted tales narrated by children, adults and their friends from the world of fruits, berries, vegetables and grains.

Volume I is devoted to fruits for chidlren, Volume II talks about vegetables for kids >> and the final volume III introduces kids to the World of Herbs and Grains (educational fun bed-time stories & ocean of easy quick healthy snacks' ideas).

For anyone interested in their child's well-being, “The Storyteller's Guide to Health” series is sure to be of value. Following each selection of delightful stories, games and activities you'll also find recipes for the vitamin-conscious kitchen. The recipes are simple, allowing children to prepare dishes themselves with only minimal supervision, and are also designed to preserve the largest possible share of vitamins and other nutrients in the final serving. Read fragments from our stories: fruit for children: Banana Lunch or enjoy with your kids Funny Fruits: Healthy Snacks for kids & Nursery Rhymes >>

© Maria Skrebtsova
© Alexandra Lopatina
Illustrations by Svetlana Jijina
Special thanks to Leigh Mosley
for her recitation of Fruit Rhymes


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Ecology for children &
Healthy food series for children
"Fruit Kingdom":
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Fruit and vegetables for kids: fruit rhymesWE CAN TEACH OUR CHILDREN FROM THE BOOK "THE WORLD OF FRUIT"

  • The taste, colour, sweetness, juiciness and freshness of fruit and vegetables!
  • What each fruit and vegetable is good for; skin, eyes, heart, blood, cells!
  • How we can cultivate our own fruit and make fruit delights from the many recipes provided in each of the books!
  • The importance of choosing to eat fruit and vegetables over cakes, sweets and pies!
  • How fruits can literally prevent illness and tiredness!
  • How you and your child can work as a team to read about and create tasty treats from fruits!


  • In our website FRUIT RHYMES you will find:

    - selected stories from the book 'The World of Fruits'. Fruit Stories >>

    - healthy recipes: easy healthy snacks from Healthy Recipes >>
Book for homeschools and families: Word of Vegetables

Book for homeschools: World of Fruits

Book about Vegetables
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'World of Vegetables'
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Book about Fruit
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'World of Fruits'
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For anyone interested in their child's well-being, “The Storyteller's Guide to Healthy Food Series” series is sure to be of value. Each story is delivered in an entertaining fairy-tale representational form and tells about a particular vegetable or fruits, its importance in daily diet, its values and the book concludes with a healthy recipe.


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'The World of Fruits'

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