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Health Tips with Recipes for children

Healthy recipes: menu from vegs and fruits

Healthy menu for kids

The vegetable and fruit menu.
Recipes of fast tasty and nutrition dishes


- 1 beetroot
- 2 apples
- 100 gm of cheese
- 200 gm of sour cream
- Parsley, sugar or honey according to taste.

Boil the beet. Peel off the apples. The beet, apples and cheese grate on a large grater, add sour cream and mix carefully. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Sugar or honey add to taste.


Healthy eating for kids: BEET COOKIES

Beetroot - 3
Flour - 100 gm
Sour cream or cream - 300 gm
Sugar or honey - Tbl spoon.
Vanilla - 0,5 Tbl spoon.
Cinnamon - 0,5 Tbl spoon.
Soda - 0,5 Tbl spoon.

Boil, peel and grate the beet. Mix with sour cream (or cream), cinnamon, vanilla, flour, soda and sugar. Mix together and put for 1 hour in a refrigerator. Dish out with a dessert spoon into a tray into equal portions. Bake cookies in an oven for 20 minutes.


Healthy menu for kids: PUMPKIN PIE

- Pumpkin - 400 g
- 3 eggs
- Low-fat cottage cheese - 250 g
- Cheese (like cheddar etc.) - 5 g
- A coriander, a nutmeg, pepper to taste.

Grate pumpkin on a fine grater. Cottage cheese mix up with eggs and pour this mixture in a pumpkin, then add spices and mix all the ingredients properly. The resulted mixture pour into a form greased with vegetable oil, and bake in an oven for 20-25 minutes. Toward the end sprinkle with grated cheese.

Healthy recipes for children: PUMPKIN MEAL

- A pumpkin - 500 g
- Boiled rice - 1 cup
- Raisin - 0,5 cup
- Honey - 2 Tbl spoons
- The crushed walnuts - 2 Tbl spoons.

Cut a pumpkin into cubes, add the boiled rice, the soaked raisin, nuts and honey. Place in an oven in a pot for 10-15 minutes. Instead of raisin one can add/use dried fruits.

Healthy dessert from a PUMPKIN

A pumpkin 500 g
3 apples
Honey 2-3 Tbl spoons
Crushed nuts (any nuts) 2-3 Tbl spoons


A healthy recipe to heal avitaminosis (shortage of vitamins)

For the purpose that leaves of a dandelion better digested, pass them through a meat grinder. Wring out juice. Then use regularly 2-3 Tbl table spoons of such juice before meal it will give to an organism all necessary substance after winter.


Healthy cocktail from a dandelion with honey

Leaves of a dandelion chop finely, put in a thermos and fill in with boiled water. In an hour use the received drink with honey and a lemon.


Healthy menu: SPRING SALAD

Leaves of a dandelion - 2 bunches
2 cucumbers
Juice of half a lemon
Cream - 3 Tbl spoons
Green onions, fennel, honey - to taste.

Leaves of a young dandelion to wash out and mix with it is thin cut cucumbers. Fill salad with cream with a lemon juice. Add fennel, green onions and honey to taste.

Vegs recipes



Tips on healthy eating

If you want, that the pickled cabbage (sauerkraut) could be stored for long and had excellent taste, when you pickle add mints. Mint - excellent antiseptics.



Healthy recipes for kids: MINT BISCUITS (gingerbreads)

Rye flour - 1 cup
Mint - 1 bunch.
Peanut - 0,5 cup
Honey or sugar - 0,5 cup
Juice of half of lemon.

Soak mint in water for two hours. Mill/thrash peanuts on a coffee grinder and mix with flour. Add honey or sugar, lemon juice, fill in with broth of mint and mix properly all. From the resulted mixture mould gingerbreads and bake in an oven on an average heat for 20 minutes.


Healthy menu: SALAD MINT

Mint fresh - 1 bunch.
2 cucumbers
Salt, food ice - to taste.

Cut cucumbers finely, pour leaves of fresh mint and cover with the cubes of a food ice. Then pour small amount cold water (slightly salted).

To taste of cold water.



Leaves of a dandelion, mother-and-stepmother, nettles, a plantain, young leaves of trees possess special healing power before flowering, in May-June.


Healthy Salad from a nettle and walnuts

Nettle - 1 big bunch.
Green onions - 1 bunch.
Walnuts - 0,5 cup
2 boiled eggs
3 boiled potato
Juice of half of lemon.
Vegetable oil - 3 Tbl spoons

Soak nettle in boiled water. Finely cut an egg, a potato, an onions and nuts. Add in salad chopped nettle, juice of a lemon and vegetable oil.


Healthy vegetable soup:
Russian cabbage soup from a nettle

Nettle - 2 bunches.
2 onions - 2 pieces
2 boiled eggs
Sour cream, salt and pepper - to taste.

Leave nettle in 1 liter of boiled water for 2 hours. Then add finely cut onions and cook for 20 minutes. Serve with eggs and sour cream.

Healthy Soup from a plantain

Plantain - 2 bunches.
White cabbage - 100 g
2 onions
2 carrots
1 apple
Garlic - 2 tiny cloves
Vegetable oil - 2 Tbl spoons
Greens, pepper and salt - to taste.

The onions finely chop and slightly fry on vegetable oil. Then add the chopped carrots and cabbage. Add 1 liter of water and put on a stove for 15 minutes. 5 minutes prior to readiness add in soup finely chopped leaves of a plantain, salt, pepper, greens, crushed garlic, grated apple and vegetable oil.

Healthy Salad from leaves of a plantain

Leaves of a plantain - 2 bunches.
2 onions
2 boiled eggs
Vegetable oil - 3 Tbl spoons
Grated horse-radish - 1 Tbl spoons.

All components of salad chop finely, then add vegetable oil. Salt to taste.


Healthy menu Vitamins on your table

A.Lopatina & M.Skrebtsova


One desirable skill which leads to our health and well-being is the ability to make use of the earth's supply of vitamins. We easily pass these magical stores by without passing any heed, and suffer as a result. However it is never too late to change our way of thinking, especially when there is a young person in the family whose mind is fresh, open and unconditioned.

If you want your children to be really healthy then you will find this 'Fairy Directory' very useful. You will find here many unique but simple recipes which focus on the optimal preservation of all the vitamins and trace elements in a meal, as well as an entertaining collection of fairy tales, conversations and games. In addition most of the recipes have been put together so that children can prepare them without any help at all from grown ups!

We usually only start thinking seriously about our physical as well as spiritual health when we find our organism isn't coping too well with all the stresses and strains to which we are continuously being exposed. That's when we might start asking how we can access the curative powers of the natural world. If on the other hand we had been in a position to familiarise ourselves with these since childhood we would probably not be encountering many of the problems we are facing today. So let's start learning about it all now so that at we can start improving both our own health and that of our loved ones.

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Healthy recipes for kids

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