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The book on bread. Stories on cerals, grains, herbs, tea:
amazing fairy-tales which develop in your children
love and appreciation for bread and porridge!

Stories about cereals, grains, herbs and tea


The book on bread. Stories on cerals, grains, herbs, tea: amazing fairy-tales which develop in your children love for bread and porridge and appreciate their values

The truthful fairy tales on bread and porridge

(About history and benefit of bread and porridge)

Dear friends, did you ever try to reflect on the fact that our usual bread and grains which we buy in the shop every day, have a surprising history, full of mysterious riddles. If you will introduce your children to this amazing history, bread and porridge will turn out for them into the greatest treasure on the earth.

Did you ever hear, that rye and oats during ancient times were considered as weeds, and they were ruthlessly weeded out from fields? But in lean years people managed to survive only due to these cereals.


The third volume of our book on health will tell you the truthful fairy tales-stories on cereals - these tiny kernels which feed and heal millions of people. In fact, they not only feed, but also clothe and even give protection from bad weather.

Be not surprised, if you find out from our book, that from rice in some countries people make paper and footwear, and strong stalks of corn are being used as materials for roofs! And bran, surely you can't even imagine till now, that this very bran which we know, by its healing qualities, can replace many expensive medicines! And, on top of all the above-mentioned, this wonderful grain medicine has rescued many people of one kingdom from many illnesses.

One tiny fairy - the main heroine of fairy tales on bread and porridges, once entered a baker's shop and quickly got acquainted there with all its talkative inhabitants. They conveyed to her so many interesting things about their life that this fairy decided to collect these amazing stories into one book. After compilation, she presented this collection of stories to us. We gladly accepted this gift and published the book of fairy tales on the healing qualities of grains, herbs, tea, bread etc.

Moreover, this wonderful fairy of cereals shared with us secrets about how to produce the most abundant harvest. If one will know and implement these secrets, any drought and bad weather won't stop the growth of these great crops.

Perhaps, similar tiny fairies live in each and every bakery. At least, if we believe in it, then to buy bread in the bakery will be much more interesting!

In our book you will find many unique, tasty and nutritious recipes of grain products and porridges. Even a small child (with a helping hand of their parents) can prepare them.

Dear adults, if you don't want that your children will complain and refuse to eat, when next time you put before them a plate of porridge, then try as soon as possible visit this fairy of cereals - read them the stories from this book on cereals. It makes real miracles, and transforms the weak and pale into healthy and happy children with good appetite and rosy cheeks.


In our book you will find many unique, tasty and nutritious recipes of grain products and porridges. About benefit of bread



The small fairy of grain cereals, lived in the big bakery. Once in her dream her graceful shoe has slid off her foot and rolled under the bottom shelf.

Where has my beautiful shoe disappeared? The fairy became quite upset, having woken up early in the morning. And she begun to search for it everywhere.

After a couple of minutes the fairy managed to find her tiny shoe under a shelf, behind one dusty package. Picking up this shoe, the fairy carefully put the package on one of the shelves above.

Oh, so good that you helped me to get out. For a whole month I was lying under this shelf and even started to lose vitamins. Millet cannot be stored for long otherwise it gets a bitter taste, exclaimed the package.

But who put you under this shelf, please tell me, lovely bag? The fairy was surprised.

Somebody casually dropped me on the floor, and then accidentally someone's leg pushed me under a shelf. But now all my troubles are over, somebody will buy me, and I can present the person with all my healing qualities - the qualities that I inherit from my parents millet grains.

Wow! It means, you made from millet? asked the fairy.

Quite right, millet are the grains of millet which have been clean from brown husk. My parents, millet's grains are pantries of health. They are so rich in vitamin B, and they contains much more phosphorus, than meat does, readily explained the package of millet.

Amazing! If you contain such a lot of vitamins then one can use millets for medical purposes, right? asked the fairy with a surprised voice.

Certainly, dear fairy. Millet heals the liver, treats diabetes and helps fat people to lose their weight. Millet is digested slowly, and its digesting requires a lot of fat. The body uses its stocks of fat and due to this the person loses weight in a healthy quick way.

Besides millet cleans the organism - it reduces the left-over antibiotics in an organism. Therefore the one who uses or used any antibiotics, by all means should eat a millet cereal.

You are real miracle! exclaimed the fairy.

Unfortunately, I have one shortcoming, admitted the millet package. One who cooks me should remember to add oil by the end of cooking millet, otherwise millet can't be digested well.

Don't worry, somebody will buy you and surely will remember to add butter in you, replied the fairy and carefully wiped the dust from the millet bag.

How can I thank you for your kindness? asked the millet package.

Perhaps you can share with me few healthy recipes about millet, answered the fairy, with a smile.



Millet balls

  • Millet 100 g
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 cup Water
  • Salt, Sugar and Sour Cream to taste

Rinse the millet a few times and add it to boiling water. Cook the millet. Stir and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, until it thickens slightly. 10 minutes before the millet is done add grated carrots.

Allow the millet to cool, then add an egg and mix. Divide the mixture into portions, give it a shape and roll in crackers. Spoon the mixture into a warm frying pan and fry until the formation of a ruddy crust. Serve warm with sour cream.


Millet cereal with fennel

  • Millet 2 cups
  • Hot Water 1 litre
  • Vegetable oil - 2 Tbl spoons
  • Fennel, Green onions and Salt to taste

Rinse the millet well and place it in a pot with the cut fennel and salt. Slice the onions finely, brown in vegetable oil and add it to millet. Place all the ingredients in the hot water, stir and bake in an oven for 40 minutes


Millet cereal with beetroot A healthy porridge

  • 1 cup Millet
  • 2 medium Beetroot
  • 3 cups Water
  • 4 tbsp Vegetable Oil
  • Salt to taste

The beetroots should be washed, cleaned and grated. Soak the millet, then cook it for 5-6 minutes. Add the grated beetroot and salt and cook for a further 20-30 minutes in a closed saucepan on slow heat. This porridge can be served with raisins or butter.


Millet soup with prunes

  • ½ cup Millet
  • 5 cups Water
  • 200 g Prunes
  • Salt and Sour Cream to taste

Wash the prunes then soak for 2-3 hours. Remove the pits from the prunes. Soak the millet for 2-3 hours, then cook it until the millet is ready. Add the prunes and boil for another 10-15 minutes. Serve cold. One can add sour cream to taste.


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