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Book for children on moral education

by A.Lopatina and M.Skrebtsova


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  • How being tidy is helpful in everyday life
  • Why it is important to say thank you?
  • Taking care for Nature
  • Being polite makes people more attractive
  • Loyal friends
  • What can we be proud of?
  • When guests come to visit
  • Why do we need goodness?
  • LEARNING How to be friends
  • Caring about other people
  • Unity makes us stronger
  • Our world is beautiful
  • The miracle of love
  • Care for animals
  • Mother's love is the best in the world
  • Love for the country
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Our hopes and dreams for the future
  • Affection makes the world a more beautiful
  • Who are we responsible for?
  • Truthful shows strength of character
  • Who enjoys work can learn a lot
  • Conscience lives in our hearts
  • Why do we respect people
  • Intelligence makes a person richer
  • Fantasy helps people invent new things
  • A brave person is able to fight fear
  • It is necessary to set a goal for yourself
  • Being clean helps us to stay healthy
  • Generosity makes the world a better place.

Fragments from the book 'Kindland'



Workbook in the form
of poems, games and coloring pages

Age group 4 - 6 years


Being polite makes people more attractive


Aim: To encourage children to be polite.


Kind words

A pleasant ‘good night' helps you fall asleep,
And ‘Good morning's a kind wake up call,
‘Good day' said sweetly makes our hearts leap,
Kind words are a gift to us all.

Questions to accompany the poem


•  What are polite words similar to, and why?
For example: the sun, because it gives everyone a friendly greeting in the morning; an umbrella, because it gets rid of rain (rainbow, star, candle, a bonfire).

•  What colour are polite words?

•  What would happen if people forgot about polite words?


“Hello” is a word more valuable
Than bronze, or silver, or gold,
It's an important part of everyday life
Even though it's a thousand years old!


Questions to accompany the poem

•  Why is the word ‘hello' so important?

•  Count how many times you hear the word ‘hello' during the day.



This word is like a rainbow,
Or a warm and gentle breeze,
It's a shiny, sparkly ray of light,
The word I mean is ‘please'.


In the playground, in the classroom,
And at home it's needed too.
Make sure you say ‘please' often,
And your dreams will all come true.


Questions to accompany the poem


•  Name some places where the word ‘please' should be used.

•  How should you say the word ‘please' so that it sounds polite? Demonstrate this.

•  What would happen if people forgot about this word?


Game: ‘Polite meeting'


Ask the children to get into pairs, and give each pair two toys. Help the children make up short dialogues about what will happen if the toys are polite when they meet one another, or, on the other hand, if they are rude to each other.


Drawing game: ‘My heart is filled with polite words'


Discuss with the children what colour polite words are. For example, ‘thank you' is blue, ‘please' is golden, and so on. Hand out pictures of the outline of a heart to the children, and ask them to colour it in with the colours which correspond to the polite words in their heart.



Loyal friends

To familiarize children with the concept of ‘loyalty'.


The loyal Collie

I'm a gift from Mother Nature,
A trustworthy, loyal creature.
They've even made some well-known films
In which the Collie features!

From a fire or flood or snowstorm,
No one will save you faster.
I know how to rescue people
From any big disaster.


At home I'm head of security
I look after people and things,
And I always jump up straight away,
Whenever the doorbell rings.


I'm a gift from Mother Nature,
A trustworthy, loyal breed.
I'm clever and faithful and handsome and quick,
The only pet you'll ever need!


Questions to accompany the poem


•  Do you think any type of dog can be loyal and devoted?

•  Think of an example from your life when a dog came to the aid of a person.

•  Imagine you're making a film about a Collie. What happens in the film?


Short movement game: ‘Where is my master?'


The teacher divides the children into three groups. The members of one group are horses, the second are dogs, and the third – cats. One member of each group is the master. When the teacher gives a signal, everyone runs round the room, making the noise which their animal makes. When the teacher calls out, ‘Quickly run home', the children must run to their master as quickly as possible: horses to the first group, dogs to the second, and cats to the third.


Game: ‘People's loyal helpers'

Show the children drawings of animals (horse, dog, cat, elephant, camel, cow, goat, lamb, donkey). Ask them to talk about how each of these animals helps people. For example, horses carry people on their backs, and transport heavy loads. Then hand the pictures of the animals out to the children. Tell them they must not show their picture to anyone else. The children take turns to say how the animals loyally serve humans, without giving away what they are. The first child to guess which animal is being described gets to keep the picture.



The miracle of love


Aim: To teach children to demonstrate and appreciate love.


Loving house

House should be full of love,
And make children feel safe,
Full of laughter, fun and games
Sweets and chocolate cake!

Bedtime stories every evening,
Hugs and kisses too,
Good words and affectionate smiles,
Warming children right the way through!


The Fairy of Love does her best,
As she waves her wand in the air,
To bring love into every house,
And make children feel loved everywhere.


Questions to accompany the poem


•  Who do you love most of all?

•  What affectionate names do you call each other in your family?

•  Give affectionate names to the members of your family.

•  What changes in a person's life when someone loves them?


Short movement game: ‘The gates of love'


Two children are picked to be the ‘gates of love'. The ‘gates' holds hands and raise their arms in the air. The others form a chain and walk under the ‘gates'. Upon the teacher's command, the gates come down and catch one of the children, and everyone says why they like this person.

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