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Number Fours four wishes


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One day, Number Four packed up four biscuits and headed towards the woods for a walk. But before he managed to get there, four wolves ran towards him, panting loudly.

Who are you running away from? Number Four asked in surprise.

A terrifying beast. It used to be us who frightened everyone, but now a huge beast with four heads and four wings lives deep in the woods. He roars so fiercely that even we wolves are scared to death, the wolves said, and they ran off.

If this ...

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Maths: stories and tales on 4-headed dragons

Short movement game Find four objectsShort movement game Find four objects

One child is a magical beast who loves the number four. A den is drawn around him a circle with a diameter of 1m. The beast sits on all fours in the circle and closes his eyes.

The others run round the den in a circle. As soon as the beast wakes up, everyone runs away.

When the beast catches someone, he asks them to name four objects.

For example: name four utensils in the kitchen (plate, knife, fork, spoon).

Name four vegetables in the garden (onion, carrot, potato, cucumber), and so on.

If the person ...


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