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The five sensory organs


From the story for kids on maths: 5 sensesEarly one morning, a little girl heard the birds singing, opened her eyes and squinted in the sunlight.



Five senses - story for children on mathematics


The girl remembered she had a sweet under her pillow, and popped it in her mouth.

Her mouth was filled with the sweet taste of raspberries.


Suddenly the girl heard the voices.

Funny stories for children on sciences: magic and kind mathematicsWe, Ears, heard the birds singing and woke up the girl but Eyes you squinted in the sunlight and didnt want to wake up.

I called the girl to breakfast with the tasty aroma of pancakes, but you, Tongue, decided to eat a raspberry-flavoured sweet instead of breakfast.

Youre to blame as well, Hands. You warmed yourselves in the soft covers and didnt want to get up, the girls nose and ears said in chorus.

The girls eyes were upset at being told off and said angrily:
Ok then, we wont look anymore.

Unforgettable mathematicsIm not going to taste anymore, either, her tongue added.

And we dont want to feel soft and hard, hot and cold, her hands said.

Number Five heard this conversation and said crossly:

What bad behaviour! You are the five sensory organs and should always work together.

Good morning, dear, the girls ears suddenly heard.

NoseHer eyes opened and saw the girls mummy.

Her hands hugged mummy and felt how warm she was. Her nose smelt the ...


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Story about girl and five sensory organs: girl and pancakes

Games on 5 sensesShort movement game Five sensory organs

Start by asking the children to name their five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, tuch.

The leader is blindfolded, and picks something edible out of a bag: a sweet, a biscuit, a chocolate egg. Everyone says at once:

Lets count up our senses,
One, two, three, four, five.
Hearing, sight, smell, ...


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