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Who does Number Two look like?



Number Two was walking along a path when suddenly she heard a sob coming from underneath a bush, I..I..Im lost.

Number Two peered underneath the bush and caught sight of a big grey chick.

Whos your mummy? Number Two asked the baby bird.


Maths and birds: from children story

My mummys the biggest, most beautiful bird. She looks like you, the chick cheeped.

Dont cry; well find her, Number Two replied.

She put the baby bird on her tail, and they went to look for its mummy.

Mathematics and airplanes


Mathematics and beautiful wise birds

Soon Number Two caught sight of a huge ...




Maths gamesShort movement game Its quicker in twos

The children get into pairs, hold hands and are given a bag full of different objects.

Without letting go of each others hands, the children must run up to the table, quickly empty all the items from their bag onto the table, and then put them back in the bag again.

When everyone has returned to their places, the children must talk about what objects were in the bag, and how many. The quickest, most attentive group wins.



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