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Who is Number Three friend with?


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Once upon a time there lived a jolly set of traffic lights.

He stood at the crossroads and flashed his three colours:
green, amber and red.

But one day, all three lights went out.

This caused complete chaos! Cars couldnt get through, because they all tried to go at once. Luckily, there was a little girl amongst the crowd of people waiting to cross.

She knew that the set of traffic lights was friends with Number Three, and called him straight away:
Hello! Your friend is ill; he needs your help at once!

Number Three arrived straight away, bringing with him three tasty triangular biscuits. He gave his friend the biscuits, and the traffic lights started working again.


Mathematics and number 3: fairytale on traffic light


It turned out the set of traffic lights had been very ...


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Short movement GAME
Who knows Number Three?

One child is the leader. The others stand in a line 10-15 steps from the leader.

The leader turns his back to them and says: The quieter you are, the further youll go. One. Two. Three, off I go!

The children slowly walk forward. On the count of three, the leader turns round quickly and everyone ...




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