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Making Mathematics Fun for Children

Mathematics is funToday virtually everything depends on technology, so why not use it to help educate our children. Using some of the best ways like colourful funny animated numbers, reciting math nursery rhymes, talking ...

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Learn math with math games

Math games for kidsMost of the kids don’t like math much - they find math too difficult to understand. And as kids grow up they start hating math for they don’t get it. It’s important that the basics of math ...
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Fun Math Activities

Math fun: mathematics gamesIf you are interested in introducing fun math activities for kids, making mathematics more fun, the best way is by using colorful numbers, recite math nursery rhymes, playing math games ...

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Math colouring pages & games

Math Octopus: funny octopus nursery
An octopus woke up one day,
And noticed something straight away.
One leg had vanished, out of sight,
It must have disappeared last night!

The octopus was in distress,
‘Without eight legs my life's a mess!
Walking's going to be so tough,
Seven legs is NOT ENOUGH!'

So he phoned up Number Eight,
And told his problem to his mate.
He knew his friend would help him out,
That's what friends do, he had no doubt.

Three minutes later, Eight was there,
Holding something with great care.
He gave a smile and softly said,
‘Dear Octopus, I found your leg.'


Learn & play: activities & math games

Funny mathematics colouring pages: bear

Clumsy bear cub, tell me please
How many paws you have - let's see.
One, two, and then two more,
Altogether that makes four!

Birds have two wings to help them fly,
Up into the beautiful, deep-blue sky.
And how many wings are on two birds?
The answer's _____,
that's what I've heard!


From Math Story
'Cooking with 3 Times Table'

Mathematics: baking

I'm baking cherry tarts,
Singing as I go,
I'll add three tasty cherries,
And put them in a row.

Two tarts have six sweet cherries,
And three no more than nine,
Four have twelve , and five
Have fifteen – yes, that's fine!

Six tarts have eighteen cherries,
Never less or more,
Seven – twenty one,
And eight tarts – twenty four.

How many sweet, red cherries
Are on the other tarts?
Learn the three times table,
Then you'll know the answer!

Baking's lot of fun,
It's what I love to do.
I also love times tables,
And I hope that you do too!

Updated on October 3, 2012

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Mathematics for children: math stories

Mathematics for kids

Children have studied mathematics since the beginning of time. Without math people couldn't grow crops or build houses capable of keeping out the elements. People need math like they need the air they breathe.

For centuries, mathematics was the best, MOST IMPORTANT type of knowledge, respected and even idolized by everyone.

Math games & stories

Nowadays mathematics includes a great deal of general knowledge which cannot always be applied to the practical work of a 3-7 year old child.  But children today, just like children from a long time ago, need to understand the role of math in everyday life, and need to include creative assimilation of the subject in their daily routine. Educatonal project 'MATH FOR KIDS STORIES: TALKING NUMBERS' will help you to make MATH more fun!

“Grow More Interest of Math in Kids By Telling those Math Bed-Time Stories!”

No wonder math is in our every breath. But naturally it is dry and it’s important that the kids start taking interest in it from the ages they are very young in. They need to be more skilled at math from the very beginning because only then can they take math as an attractive little thing in the older ages. So why not try teaching them the basics while they are still young. And for that you can try math bed-time stories. You will be amazed that with math bed-time stories how your child’s thinking capabilities be enhanced and he can start developing more interest in math.

'Math for kid stories' is one out of those fewer websites which can play an important role in the educational development of your child. That is a really colorful website covering math stories, math games and math nursery rhymes. You can tell them to your kids as math bed-time stories. In this way your kid would start taking interest in math and take it in a better and changed perspective. His skills will be really enhanced and he’ll start developing outstanding capabilities.

This math project has been focused on giving the knowledge of math to the kids of ages up to almost 10. It mostly covers almost all the basics of math that can make your kid’s concepts strong and more clear.

Bedtime stories have been a part of our culture since very old times but very few parents would have ever thought to tell math bed-time stories to their child. Most of the parents would have taken the bed-time story to be weapon to make their child fall asleep effortlessly. Has anybody ever thought that this weapon can be used for teaching many good things to a kid? Because when you are telling a story to a child he/she listens to it really closely and perceives many things from the structure of your story.

Math bed-time stories can be a great help in increasing the learning abilities of your kids. They can become more imaginative. Mathforkidstories provides such stories relating to numbers, counting and the basics of math which come to be a great fun and interesting. In this way the child takes keen interest in the story. Moreover to train the parents or the educators they have given some sample questions which can be asked from the child either after or in between the story telling. Both can be effective. If you ask after the story you can come to know if your kid has the quality of listening closely and if he can remain attentive till the very end. If you ask in between the story, you can engage the child and try building his interest in the story. In this way the kid wouldn’t take math as a burden rather he/she would enjoy it. So try making math bed-time stories a routine for your kid and get him educated in many different and appropriate ways.

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Mathematics for children: funny number One
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Mathematics for children: funny number Five
Mathematics for children: funny number Six
Mathematics for children: funny number Seven
Mathematics for children: funny number Eight
Stories about
Number 5
Fairy tale 'Number 6'
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Number 7:
read tales
Number 8



  math games: read math stories about Number Five

Fragments from math story for kids:
MATH GAME ‘Five sensory organs

Start math game by asking kids to name their 5 senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch.

The leader is blindfolded, picks something edible out of a bag: a sweet, a biscuit, a chocolate egg. Everyone recite:

Let's count up our senses,
One, two, three, four, five.
Hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch,
They make us feel alive!

By using all five senses, the leader must guess what they've picked out of the bag. If he or she gets it right, they'll get the object as a prize.



Fragment from the book Magic Mathematics, storyteller 1:
How Number Ten appeared

Listen math nursery rhymes: number TenNumber One brought Zero to his house, sat him down at the table and said:

‘Sorry, Zero, but I can't give you much to eat. I only have one of everything in my house: one biscuit, one fish finger.'

‘And I didn't even bring you a present,' Zero said, looking upset.

Number One put a plate with a fish finger on it in front of Zero, and sat down beside him. Suddenly, ten plates with ten fish fingers appeared on the table!

‘Oh Zero, it's a miracle! When you're sitting beside me, I turn into Number Ten!' Number One exclaimed in delight.

He ran to see the other numbers and invited them to his house for a cup of tea.

‘Thanks for the invitation, but you only have one biscuit and one teacup in your house, and there are lots of us,' the numbers replied.

‘It used to be like that, when I lived alone, without Zero. But now everything's changed in a miraculous way. Come in and see for yourselves,' Number One said.

The numbers shook their heads in disbelief, but they went into Number One's house anyway.

When they arrived, Number One quickly sat down at the table beside Zero. In a moment, one teacup had become ten and Zero sang loudly...

>>> read math story about Number Ten


Specially for project Math for Kids Stories:

Nursery rhyme 'Elephant in the Circus'

fragments from book I Magic Mathematics


An elephant in the circus
Performed tricks and stunts and dares.
In return he received a banana
And four ripe, juicy pears.

Mathematics: Elephant and maths
Nursery Rhyme
'Elephant in the Circus':
read about Maths & Elephant >>

Mathematics for children: funny number Nine
When Number Nine turns upside down,
Her friend Number Six appears.
But when she turns the right way round,
Number Six is no longer here!

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