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Let us help our children to be WISE and KIND!!
Preserve Ecology of our Planet Earth!

Participate in our Project!
Donate for education of our children!
Donate for Ecology of our Planet


Preserve Ecology of our Plantet Earth - Make your contribution



If you feel inspired to do something for this noble cause, to make dreams on bringing up HEALTHY, RESPECTFUL AND KIND-HEARTED CHILD and would like to assist furthering our project on Moral Education, Care for Ecology and Healthy Food, we would be greatly honoured and humbled to be a part of your valuable contribution & efforts !!



The project on moral and ecological education of children and teenagers has begun in 1995 in Russia. Since then 1055 books including 8 methodical grants have been published (more than 2,5 million copies). Here are some of them: Wisdom Alphabet, Kindness in Mathematics, The Magic World of Music, Trees Decorate the World, The Mysteries in Professions, Nature through the Eyes of the Soul etc. (Authors of the books – click here to preview >>)

Through kind stories, games and creative tasks our books teach the child to understand, appreciate and to love the World of Nature. These books open the door into the Miraculous Country of Wisdom, introduce children with spiritual basis of creativity, develop in them respect for family and feelings of the responsibility.

Hundreds of presentations and workshops were conducted. Teachers from more than 3,000 children's organizations use our books in their daily work with children. Often we receive letters of appreciation and gratitude even from the most remote areas (in Russia) on how our books help teachers to develop a new approach and visions in their work with children, making the main accent on development of moral qualities of the child. (Workshops & lessons conducted with children - click here to preview >>)

Especially we are delighted to get response of the teachers working with difficultly trained children (and even children with criminal past). The quotation from one of such letters: “Thanks to the fact that the materials in your books, which children are going to learn, represented in kind and fascinating stories and fairy-tales; children, whom difficult to guide and create interest in learning, easily get involved in the process of education." Teachers mention, that children became more sensible, have learned to help each other, to find a worthy way out of problem situations. When the story touches the heart of the child, he/she remembers all the details. The creative potential of children grows, children began to write verses, fairy tales and to draw. (Samples of children's creativity and educators' comments - click here to preview >>)

Unfortunately, in Russia till now we didn't manage to find any governmental organizations or big publishing house who are interested in developing of moral potential of future generation. Thus this project can be developed successfully only owing to efforts of hundreds of parents and teachers who are sincerely concerned about the future of the children.

This book for kids and adults on healthy food can't be publish without your help!

A healthy directory from the fairy realm

These books on healthy food
(as well as many our other books)
can't be published withour your help!


Make a donation

By making a monetary donation to the Project “” you will help us to meet the costs of getting our books published. Your money will go towards the costs of translating, illustrating, editing, and preparing the book for publishing.

Your contribution will also support on-going research and children education work.

You can make a donation via PayPal or by sending us a check. Contact us for more details.


Make a grant needs grants for funding specific projects such as Project on children's books on ecology, Books on Moral education, Books on healthy food, books on art, music, science etc.


Volunteer your time

Recent years the PROJECT '' was helped by many volunteers. This help is invaluable. We are always looking for volunteers of any kind: we need illustrators, editors, literary agents etc. Please contact us if you are able to assist us in any of the above-mentioned realms.

If you would like to become a member of Kind Book Programme, please contact us and we will send you an application form.


Spread the word

You can tell others about our project and our mission statement.

  • Sponsors: If you know people who can be potential sponsors, by all means, do tell them, or please introduce us.
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Your contribution will be highly appreciated. All sponsors will be automatically included in “Friends and Supporters of” and regularly will receive our news (about latest achievements) and occasionally – our newsletter and our newly published books.

Also, with your permission, your name will be mentioned in our website and we will be glad to place your logo, article or even make a single webpage for you personally (under the section “Cooperation”)


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Last but not least, you can lend us a hand by telling people about us and our website.

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Let us help our children to be WISE and KIND!! Preserve Ecology of our Planet Earth! – Participate in our Project!


Every donation counts.


With respect

Alexandra Lopatina and Maria Skrebtsova


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In order that the sun of kindness
may always give light to our children
we would like to offer
this unique collection of stories about kindness

About friendship, love and wisdom
About father, mother and all the family
About paintings and pictures
About music and musicians
About numbers and maths
About letters and one's mother tongue
About professions and professionals
About nature and the beauty of the Earth
About fruits and vegetables
About grains and healing herbs
About honey, nuts and chocolate