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Number Six and circus


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How Six is different from Nine

Numbers Six and Nine from fairy tale on Number Six and a little Girl


There was once a girl who could never remember how to write the number six. Sometimes she wrote the oval at the top and the tail at the bottom, and sometimes the other way round.

Why have you written nine instead of six again? mum asked crossly.

Number Nine has a big, intelligent head. Number Six wanted to be clever too, and turned upside down, the girl giggled.

So your number six is an acrobat in the circus? mum said in surprise.

That night, the girl dreamt of a circus. Numbers were performing instead of animals. They somersaulted, juggled and did magic tricks.

Suddenly, the ringmaster announced: And now for the acrobats a little girl and the Number Six!

The girl went into the ring, and Number Six turned her upside down in one swift move.

Now you have to count all the animals in the big top, Number Six said.

How can I count when Im standing on my head? the ...

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Games for children about mathsShort movement game Find six differences

The children stand in a circle. Use this counting game to find a leader.

Number Six sat on a bench,
And ate lots of healthy food,
He stretched and had a rest,
And came back very soon.

The leader stands behind the door.

The others make six changes to their appearance, for example: mess up their hair, take off their glasses, unfasten a few buttons.

Then the leader is called back, and they must find the six differences.


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