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Why does Number One feel sad?


Mathematics: a little hare

One day, Number One went for a walk in the woods.

Suddenly, he caught sight of a little hare and said to it:

‘No other animals have such long ears, so you are the only long-eared one.’

I’m not the only one,’

the little hare replied.




squirrel in the wood
Number One
walked on, spotted a squirrel and complimented her:

'No one else in the woods has such a beautiful, fluffy tail as you, you are the only one.’

‘No, I’m not the only one,

the squirrel replied.

‘I’ve got plenty of squirrel friends.’


Then a bear cub came into the woods and started to sing:
‘I’m the strongest bear in the woods!’

Mathematics, number one and bear

‘You are the only one who’s so strong,’ Number One said admiringly.

‘Yes, I’m my mummy’s only son,’ the bear cub announced importantly. ‘Tomorrow it’s my birthday, and I’ll be one.’

‘Happy Birthday!’ Number One cried. ‘I hope you’ll be celebrating all by yourself and eating a birthday feast for one?’

‘I wouldn’t like to celebrate all by myself,’ the bear cub roared. ‘Who would ...


maths gameShort movement game ‘Naughty Number One’

Everyone stands in a circle. They choose a leader – Naughty Number One. They all cry ‘One, two, three, Number One, you can’t catch me!’

Then everyone tries to hop away from the leader on one leg. Naughty Number One, also on one leg, must try and catch the children.

When he or she catches a child, they ‘freeze’ on the spot.

Number One’s aim is to catch as many players as possible.

The game ends when Naughty Number One gets tired, or stops hopping.



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