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Who Can Help Number Eight?

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Boo hoo, Number Eight sobbed. I fell and hurt my side, and now Im late for class. Today the children are learning about the number eight: if I dont get there on time, theyll learn nothing.

Lets float to your class together. Children can make the number eight from two oval-shaped clouds, two passing clouds said.

No, youre two big, Number Eight objected. You wont fit in the classroom.

Spider from the children story on number eight

Maybe I can fly to school on my web and take your place. I look like a little number eight, and I have eight legs,
a spider squeaked.

No, youre too ...

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After the lesson, the children always remembered Number Eight, because he told them:

I look like a bicycle, which ...


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Games for children about mathsShort movement game We need Number Eight

Draw hopscotch with eight squares. When the children hop to the eighth square, they must think of an object, of which their friend might need eight. They must ...




Questions and activities on maths for kidsQuestions to accompany the poem

Name all the colours of the rainbow. Which is your favourite?

Ask your mummy to write the seven days of the week in an exercise book, then think of something interesting to do on each day. Dont write the same thing twice.

Imagine you are walking across a little rainbow-coloured bridge. Describe it.

Which of the rainbows seven colours are cold, hot, and bright?


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Stories for kids on mathematics: number eight: from the lives of numbers.
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